Cameras & More


Panasonic GH5

Canon 5D Mark IV

Arri Alexa Camera SXTW

(In build Wireless Video System)


Sony F-65



35.4 Megapixel CMOS Sensor

Red Weapon 8K S35 Helium

35.4 Megapixel CMOS Sensor

Red Dragon

Red Dragon

Lenses & More

Master Prime Block Lens:

  • 16mm
  • 18mm
  • 25mm
  • 35mm
  • 50mm
  • 75mm

Master Anamorphic Lens:

  • 35mm
  • 50mm
  • 75mm
  • 100mm

Zoom Lenses

Angenieux 24-290 /T2.8 Optimo Zoom

Angenieux 28-340mm /T3.2 Zoom Optimo Zoom

Angenieux 44-440 /T4.5 Anamorphic Zoom

ARRI Anamorphic 19-36 /T4.2 Ultra Wide Zoom

Angenieux 15-40 / T2.6 Optimo Zoom

Angenieux 16-42 /T2.8 Optimo zoom

Angenieux 30-80 / T2.8 Optimo zoom

Angenieux 25-250 / T 3.5 HR Zoom


ALURA Zoom 45 – 250 / T2.6


Inspire 2


Grips & More

Butter fly over head fabric kit 20*20
Butter fly over head fabric kit 12*12
Butter fly over head fabric kit 10*10
Butter fly over head fabric kit 8*8
Butter flyover head fabric kit 6*6
Riflector 6*6
Riflector 4*4
Mirror 4*4
Mirror 3*3
Wind up stand
Low boy stand
Crank O vator
Flag all size
Gopo arm
Grip head
Magic arm, super clamp
Apple box all size
Sand bag
Boom Rod Big

Jumbo grip head
Baby blate
Junior off set arm
Big ban
Junior light stand
Senior light stand
Dmx power pac
C Net kit
C clamp
Polly. Holder
Bounce board, stiple 4*4, soft silk
Soft egg crate all sizes
King pole wall fittings all size
Baby grid clamp
Junior grid clamp
1kw triple head
Dolly &jimmi
Panthar Dolly
GFM Dolly
Jimmy jib Tri Angle

Lights & More

Arri max 18 kw par
Arri sun 12kw par
Arri sun 6kw par
Arri sun 4kw par
Arri day compact 6kw
Arri day compact 4kw
Arri m-40 par
Arri m-1. 8 par
Arri sun1.2 kw par
Arri sun 575 kw par
Arri delux 400w kit
Arri 200 w kit
Arri 125 pocket par kit
Arri sky panal S30
Arri sky panal S60
Arri sky panal S120
Arri sky panal S 360
Arri studio T-12
Arri True blue T-5
Arri True blue T-2
Arri True blue T-1
Arri studio 650 w
Arri studio 300 w plus
Arri studio 150w
Dvr 4000kw cimmera soft box
Dvr 2000kw cimmera soft box
Light panal led1*1
Dino 12 bank
Dino 6 bank
2kw open face

1kw open face
Cream source led
Joker bug k5600 800w kit
Joker bug k5600 400w kit
Dedo light master kit
Kino flo 4 bank 4ft D/N
Kino flo 4 bank 2ft D/N
Kino flo “12′ kit
Kino mini flo kit
Kino vista beem
Kino celeb 200 led
Mole beem projector 6kw Day
Mole beem T12
Battary light
Sky panal s60
Sky panal s30
Joker k5600 400kit
Pocket par 125 w
Light panal1*1 Led
Spyder led
RGB color led 4ft with kino housing
RGB color led 2ft with kino housing
Bi color led 4 ft with kino housing
Bi color led 2ft with kino housing
Bi color led 12″
Bi coler led 6″
Spherical led kit

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