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The Project was shot in the remote villages of Ghagara and Magraunda in the Barabanki district in Uttar Pradesh along the banks of the Gomti River, a tributary of the Ganges.

The location was 150 kms away from the closest City Lucknow. The ground conditions were very challenging with no connectivity, local hotels or restaurants nearby.

The US crew comprised of 4 technicians from 1stAve Machine and 3 Clients from Google. Besides the Director and DOP, the rest of the Entire crew and Technicians including Drone pilot, Steadicam operator, Sound Engineers, Gaffer etc were from Mumbai, 2.5 hours away by flight.

We shot with the Arri Alexa Mini camera with Anamorphic lenses, Drone Inspire 2 and the Steadicam. Entire equipment including Grip, Lights, and Sound was transported from Mumbai.

The project was put together in flat 3 weeks including a Tech Reccee to the Location to hire local Talent, Production Runners, Caterers, Transport, Lodging and Boarding for a crew of 30.

We acquired special permissions for the use of the Drone on location’s.

We successfully concluded the project on time and the Google Crew headed back to the US on schedule.

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