Nickelodeon TV ( USA )
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This project was shot for Luck Duck Productions ( New York ) for their clients Nickelodeon TV.

Linda Ellerbee was the Host and the Anchor on location.

It was a series of research-based stories on Children affected by Caste System in India. The idea was to create an awareness amongst American Kids about systems affecting children in different parts of the world.

We researched over 3 weeks and came up with some amazing stories and locations in the interiors of Maharashtra and Gujarat. We also shot B Rolls on locations in Mumbai City.

The crew consisted of 4 Americans, a Japanese and 4 from Gimmicks Productions including Line Producer, DOP, Location manager and translator.

Throughout the project, we kept up to the schedule and there was not a single delay or cancellation in all the 16 days of shoot in India, The entire process of passing Research and Production Logistics over a period of 3 months.

We also assisted Lucy Duck Productions to acquire necessary permissions from the Ministry in Delhi and navigated them through Customs and Immigration procedures on arrival in Mumbai with the camera and sound gear.

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