Indepth Productions (Kuwait)
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Indepth Productions (Kuwait)

IKPCO’s Corporate TVC was produced by Pravin Thakur and directed by Abdullah Al-Othman.
This film was shot on a set constructed by a renowned Art Director of Bollywood at the Film city in Bombay featuring 40 Indian Talent dressed up to look like Kuwaiti’s
Costumes featured the local Kuwaiti Dish Dasha’s and Corporate Suits and Jackets.
The Script was a combination of live and post involving computer-generated city street with tall skyscrapers to look like a Manhattan street.
We also built a miniature model ( 6 ft x 8 ft ) of Kuwait, the Middle East, and Africa in Fiber and shot on location at Film City with the jib Arm in order to create a dramatic effect.
We built a set of a concrete look-alike street with a huge Blue Screen background of 60 ft x 35 ft and shot the TV Commercial on the Arri 35 MM with a remote control jib arm. India’s Sejal Shah was the DOP.


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